Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Suburbian Dream

suburbia no.1

suburbia no.2

suburbia no.3

suburbia no.4

suburbia no.5

suburbia no.6

suburbia no.7

Paintings for a book called 'Behind closed doors', which refers to the hidden realities that live behind a mask of suburbian perfection.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009



a still from an animation i'm currently working on.

Park Life

Park Life

a drawing for Tom Wild's book 'Lucidity'

Many cookies


greek scooter


Greenman Remembered

greenman 2008 poster

A poster to accompany my 'Greenman Remembered' mix CD. Pictures of the finished packaging to come soon!

'They Know All About You'

Front cover

inside spread 2

inside spread 2

Highlights in the History of Concrete Poster

Poster for Highlights in the History of Concrete

Highlights in the History of Concrete book jacket

book jacket for Highlights in the History of Concrete

Popshot magazine

Washing up Brush

A drawing I did a while ago for Popshot - a magazine combining poetry and illustration.



Sunday, 11 January 2009

5-a-day badges.

5-a-day badges.

A little book about the Open Market - batch of 5

Open Market book

Open Market book and packet

Dave Ovett & Sons

New York Times Magazine

Over the summer I was asked to do a drawing for the 'Lives' column in the New York Times Sunday magazine. Here it is, eventually posted!
New York Times comission